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Multimedia accessories

The EW3730 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 enables you to display 3 HDMI sources on one TV/screen. Switching between the sources is easy with the supplied remote control. The EW3730 switches automatically to the first available source thanks to the auto-input-sensing. The maximum supported resolution is 3840x2160 @ 30Hz.

The EW1580 IR Extender Kit extends the IR signal of your remote control and lets you send commands to the A/V equipment that is hidden behind doors or stored in a closed cabinet. The EW1580 comes with 12 IR emitters for controlling 12 AV devices.
EW3730 | 4K HDMI Switch 3 Port
EW1580 | IR Extender Kit

Monitor mounts installation videos

In these installation videos we show you how to install a monitor desk mount in order to create an ergonomic workspace. We are having mounts for one screen (EW1510), two screens (EW1512), three screens (EW1513) and even four screens (EW1514). In the gas spring line up we offer you stands for one screen (EW1515) and two monitors (EW1516).

Keep your desk tidy and clean by placing your small computer in the space-saving EW1517 Thin Client Computer Mount. Attach the mount to a VESA plate, to a pole or screw the mount under a desk.

The EW1540 Mobile floor stand enables you to use a Flatscreen TV where there is no place for desk, ceiling or wall mounting. Use the cart for a flatscreen from 37 up to 70 inch with a max. weight of 50kg and VESA 200x200, 300x300, 400x200, 400x400 and 600x400.  
Ewent Monitor stands with gas spring and VESA
Ewent EW1517 Thin Client Computer Mount
Ewent EW1540 Flatscreen Floor Stand - Installation Video

HDD / SSD Enclosures

Are you going to replace your internal hard drive with a SSD or a new hard drive? The Ewent external hard drive enclosures are the ideal solution to give your old internal hard drive a new life. You will have quick and easy additional storage space that you can easily take along with you.
Ewent EW7077 2.5" RAID SATA Dual HDD/SSD Enclosure
Ewent EW7070 USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C 2.5 inch HDD/SSD Enclosure
Ewent EW7040 Keylock encrypted 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD enclosure
Ewent EW7018 USB to SATA adapter cable for SSD/HDD

USB Home and Car Charger

Many devices are charged via USB. With an Ewent USB car or home charger you can charge a tablet, smartphone, bluetooth speaker, camera and wireless gamepad.
Ewent EW1191 Automatic Smartphone Car mount with support for fast wireless charging
Ewent EW1355 5-Port USB Charger 10.8A
Ewent EW1305 USB Type-C Home charger 3A

Play Gaming videos

Looking for affordable gaming accessories? Play (by Ewent) has the solution! This specially designed gaming line-up enhances your game experience. Everything you need to play your games: keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headset and gamepads. PLAY YOUR GAMES TO THE MAX.  
Play accessories; RGB Mouse, Mechanical keyboard, headset, mousepad and game pads
PL3301 RGB Illuminated Gaming Mouse 4800 DPI with perfect grip
PL3350 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with RGB illumination (English)
PL3321 Over-ear Gaming Headset with microphone and RGB LEDs
PL3341 Gaming Mousepad with RGB illumination for highly accurate gaming
PL3331 Wireless USB Gamepad with rechargeable battery, X-input and Direct-input
PL3330 Wired USB Gamepad for playing games on your laptop and PC.
PL3300 Illuminated Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI
PL3310 Illuminated Metal Gaming Keyboard
PL3320 Comfortable over-ear Gaming Headset
PL3340 Gaming Mousepad