Warranty conditions

The five-year Ewent warranty applies to all Ewent products, unless mentioned otherwise before or during the moment of purchase. After buying a second-hand Ewent product the remaining period of warranty is measured from the moment of purchase by the product’s initial owner.

Ewent warranty applies to all Ewent products and parts, indissolubly connected or mounted to the product it concerns. Power supply adapters, batteries, antennas and all other products not directly integrated in or connected to the main product or products of which, without reasonable doubt, can be assumed that wear and tear during use will show a different pattern than the main product, are not covered by the Ewent warranty. Products are not covered by the Ewent warranty when exposed to incorrect/improper use, external influences or when opening the service parts of the product by parties other than Ewent.

Ewent may use refurbished materials for repair or replacement of your defective product. Ewent cannot be held responsible for changes in network settings by internet providers. We cannot guarantee that the Ewent networking product will keep working when settings are changed by the internet providers. Ewent cannot guarantee the working of web services, apps and other third party content that is available through Ewent products.

Ewent products with an internal hard disk have a limited warranty period of two years on the hard disk. Ewent could not be held responsible for any data lost. Please make sure that if the product stores data on a hard drive or other memory source, you will make a copy before you return the product for repair.

Ewent will always try to provide updates for our products as long as it is technically possible. This involves both functional and security updates. The product support will last at least the first 5 years after the product introduction. However, there will always be situations where hardware is so outdated that updates are no longer technically possible. Additionally, some functionalities can be enabled by third parties.

When my product gets defective

Should you encounter a product rendered defective for reasons other than described above: Please contact your point of purchase for taking care of your defective product.