USB-C accessories

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USB-C to 4K HDMI Adapter
Item No. EW9822
Adapter | USB-C | HDMI | 4K | 30Hz
USB-C to VGA adapter
Item No. EW9821
USB-C Adapter | VGA | 0.15m
USB-C to HDMI Adapter 4K @ 60Hz
Item No. EW9823
USB-C Adapter | HDMI | 4K | 0.15m
USB-C to HDMI connection cable 2.0 meter
Item No. EW9824
USB-C Adapter cable | HDMI | 4K | 2.0m
USB-C Gigabit Networking Adapter
Item No. EW9828
USB-C Adapter | RJ45 | Gigabit | 0.15m
USB-C to DisplayPort adapter cable 2.0 meter
Item No. EW9826
USB-C Adapter cable | DisplayPort | 4K | 2.0m
USB-C to HDMI or VGA multiport adapter 4K with ethernet and USB hub
Item No. EW9827
USB-C Multiport adapter | HDMI | VGA | 4K | 1x USB-A | LAN | 0.15m